Joanna T. Roth


Joanna aims to set fees that are both predictable and appropriate to the case. She offers a fixed-fee initial meeting, and a choice of fixed or hourly fees thereafter.

The initial meeting

The intent of the initial meeting is for you to explain your situation in some detail, express your hopes and fears, and for Joanna to explore with you different legal approaches to arrive at a resolution. This meeting does not create an ongoing obligation. Joanna’s hope is that you leave with useful information, ready to take your next step. This meeting lasts an hour and a half, does not create an ongoing obligation, and the fee is $300.

After the Initial Meeting

Should you and Joanna decide to work together after the initial meeting, Joanna offers the choice of a fixed or an hourly fee.

Fixed fees encourage clients to keep Joanna informed of developments on the case. With more complete information, Joanna can be more effective. The fee corresponds to the depth of the conflict and the complexity (or simplicity) of the parenting and financial issues. A typical fee for a Collaborative Law case is $11,000.

Hourly fees correspond to the time spent on a case, measured in tenths of an hour. Joanna’s usual rate is $300 per hour.