Joanna T. Roth


Joanna Roth | Attorney at Law

I have chosen my practice areas because they give me the freedom to apply my passion for individual freedom and fairness in a cooperative setting. I have also found that working with people in the midst of loss is deeply meaningful. Surviving and then growing through my own losses has been both painful and enriching. To the extent that I remember that the present is not the end, I guide my clients through the legal processes surrounding loss.

My goal of giving my clients respectful and compassionate guidance means that I make an honest effort to understand my clients’ circumstances, their hopes, and their preferred outcomes. I understand first-hand how hard divorce can be, and have seen how hard it is for a child. At times, disputes are so painful that clients feel compelled to escalate conflict. I listen carefully and deeply to my clients; once I have heard their distress in the moment, we revisit their preferred outcomes, and focus on ways to achieve their long-term goals. Clients usually want a peaceful resolution that provides value for the client and is respectful of the other side.

Working collaboratively is a dynamic and enlivening experience.  One aspect of collaborative divorce that speaks to me is that is child-centered, so that the needs of children are carefully considered. As a multidisciplinary and flexible process, a collaborative process can be reinvented in order to suit the needs of individual clients.  Joining with other professionals in order to create enduring, satisfying solutions makes me proud to be an attorney.

I currently serve on the executive committee of the Washington State Bar Alternative Dispute Resolution Section. I have served on the board of King County Collaborative Law, and have chaired its Civil Practice Group.  I graduated from Harvard College with honors, and earned my JD at the University of Washington.  While in law school, I worked for the Department of Education Office for Civil Rights and co-founded the Center for Human Rights and Justice. I was honored to receive a travel fellowship from the University of Washington to examine native political organizations throughout Polynesia.